About Alexandra



Writing is both a passion and a way of life for Alexandra. Though her earliest memories were creating picture books during free time in first grade, writing truly took root in her life a few years later in 2001. The night before September 11th ten-year-old “Allee” grabbed a piece of paper and sat down at the living room coffee table for no other reason than a strange, burning inspiration in her heart. The result was a poem titled “Look on the bright side,” and the words were all too relevant only hours later.

The spark was lit, and she soon discovered the power of writing in understanding the world around her. Allee continued writing poem after poem, then essays, followed by short stories. Filling binders with her words and the thoughts they illuminated.

It was in 2007, through a creative writing class, that Rayne was born. Originally a short story assignment, Allee, then 16-years-old,  became enthralled in creating the story of Rayne, continuing to write long past the due date. The story took her hours into sleepless nights, until two years later it was complete.

It wasn’t until 2012, after two years at the University of Vermont and during a year off, that Allee pulled the manuscript from collecting cyber dust in her computer. Wanting more than anything to see her efforts in print, she researched different options, eventually deciding to take the route that gave her the most creative liberty, to self-publish.

The cover was also designed by Allee. Using acrylic paint on a white canvas she freehand painted the silhouette. The colorful rain was created by gluing crayons to the top of the canvas and melting them until they dripped in the desired effect.

Put simply, The Colors of Rayne tells the story of a young girl, Rayne, her life, her struggles and self discovery, coming to terms with the past, learning to love herself and embrace life.

“I wanted to write a story that young girls could relate to and I truly believe I accomplished that with this publication. With this said, I believe it is a story that can be enjoyed by a wider audience than just the young adult reader as well. It’s all about just being true to yourself. Of course, Oscar Wilde said it best, Be Yourself, everyone else is already taken.’ That’s exactly what this story is about.”